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2135 The Bleeding Cock Run First Blood and Lost Cock tba Tuesday, 10th September 2019 at 6:00pm Heavy Vehicle Park, Queensway. Contact onsec if you need help getting there. Guests $30
Karanguni's short, greying and receding hareline- updated 3rd April, 2019.
Here is the long and winding hareline from run 1 through run 1095.
Guidelines for setting runs in the Nature Reserves and some dos and don'ts on hashing in Singapore.
If you are planning to set a run that has a path through any NParks trails etc, please fill out this document and submit to NParks. The hares are responsible if there is any breach of the NParks rules. Please help the hash community thrive by adhering to the NParks guidelines.

From our Interhash Sec

A more or less useful roster of hashing activies from around the hashing world..

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