2018-2018 The Talking Cock Committee

Grand Master
Oily Cock
Joint Master
Putin Pussy
Joint Master
On Sex
Up Yours
Ass On Sex
Nurse Fucker
On Cash
Straight Spout
Assistant On Cash
Mad Fish
Hash Whip
Tight Arse
Hash Brew
Interhash Secretary
Forget Me Not
Hash Sweep
Hash Bard
Itchy Balls
Hash Auditors
Benevolent Fund Trustees
Never Come and Straight Spout
Never Come

On On!

The infamous historical list of every SH3 committee ever since the dawn of time can be found here. Here's the editable spreadsheet as well.

Contact Details

If you need to get in touch, email the onsecs (Up Yours and Nurse F).

Postal Address: 61 Club Street, Singapore 069436, Republic of Singapore

The Seletar HHH established it's net presence on February 1st 1995.